Who we are

We are a team of independent professionals from many facets of Human Resource Management.

We go beyond traditional management consultancy by assembling the right resources with the right expertise, locally and globally.

We identify, design and deliver sustainable solutions that fit your company’s need and budget. Our aim is to make lasting improvements to the business performance.

Glenmore Global Resources

How we work

We help identify how your company can evolve into a world class organisation, and what could be holding you back.

We then devise a solution that allows you to understand and overcome the identified shortcomings and gaps.

Through our partnerships with a wider, well-connected network, we are able to source you the ideal resource persons for a comparatively lower cost than what you would have paid for them individually.

You don’t just get a standard package that you may not be able to afford but we tailor the solution to match your budget.

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01 Invest in your people. Our training programmes not only advance personal growth in individuals but allow them to channel their passion into the performance of your company.

02 Build an emotionally committed workforce. Inspire your employees to passionately commit to work through inspirational programmes that prompt them to think out of the box.

03 Create a cohesive team. Adventure-based outdoor team building workshops instigate confidence among your employees to face challenges in a competitive environment. Evoke a strong bond within the team to create the ideal team spirit that drives the company to achieve its goals.

04 Take the next step. Enhance your company’s growth through expert guidance from our HR consultants. We offer advisory services to achieve industry harmony through better industrial relations and enhanced social dialogue.

05 Let your startup grow. Let us design, streamline and implement HR, administration and legal policies and procedures for your brand new company whilst you focus on your core business idea.

06 Coach for greater effectiveness and advanced performance. We help your team achieve your company goals and individual goals through our executive coaching programs with continual guidance and progress checks.

07 Develop a talent pipeline. Ensure the continuity of a specific job role when key personnel are promoted or in the unfortunate event that they leave. We identify top and critical talent and develop promising individuals so that there are successors to continue without a glitch.

08 Be compliant and be responsible. We help you run a socially and ethically responsible organisation whilst adhering to the relevant local and international labour laws and other standards, through our legal and compliance expertise. We further offer legal advice on labour tribunal cases, domestic inquiries and other legal areas in the event you need to avert and mitigate problematic situations.

09 Listen to your organisation’s pulse. We carry out climate surveys to analyse and understand what drives your organisation forward.

10 Blend industry expertise with HR. Our HR experts are proud of their experience and share insights from the textile and apparel, IT & BPO and telecommunication industries to create custom-made programmes for all levels including technical staff.

Why partner with us

We create the ideal solution by combining resources from within and outside our immediate resource panel at no additional cost.

We devise the ideal solution that fits your budget by creating custom-made deliverables.

We offer free guidance for you to evaluate the effectiveness of each solution post-implementation.

Our Immediate Resource Panel

Our team includes experienced professionals from many industries. Through our wider network, we have access to an extended pool of resources based locally and internationally in addition to the following immediate resource panel.

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Glenmore Global Resources
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T: +94 768 031 031

E: info@glenmore.lk